‘New Girl’ takes big leap for

Help Jess and Nick get together! The “First ” Game Now Available on the Facebook Page To Start Playing the Game. Fans can help get Jess to her important first with Nick by playing the “First ” game They can collect “heart” icons to earn points and extend Jess’ ride But they must steer clear of Schmidt and Winston’s obstacles including “Fancy Man,” “The Feeling Stick” and “Puppy in a Cup,” to make sure they don’t slow Jess down from arriving at the finish line where Nick is waiting for her Don’t Miss Jess and Nick’s “First ” in the Next All- Episode of Airing on a Special Night Thursday April 4 at 9/8c. Jess' father Bob visits with his young friend Ashley Berkman (Kaitlin Olson) a classmate from Jess' old high school and a recovering sex addict Bob proposes to Ashley and she accepts. Unlike the previous seasons Fox Home Entertainment instead released the fourth season as a manufacture on demand title that is sold exclusively online.[32] For photos and more information about please visit /main/page?aID=1z2z2z336 Become a fan of on Facebook at /onFOX and follow the series on Twitter @onFOX and #   The document has. Here: /First