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Loved tht you hve pid so much ttention to little detils 10 Rting(1) Womn lerns bout the deth of her fther She returns to her Orthodox Jewish home nd flls in love with her best childhood friend who is now mrried to her cousin Hi there re so few people who liked this movie gld to see this review/rticle bout it I bsolutely dored the film nd hve seen it mny mny times similr to the other movie tht you lluded to - Lmhe (nother ll time fvourite mine) Bck to login Forgot Pssword We will send new pssword to your emil Plese fill your emil to. < nme='comment-form'> Post comment < href=' /comment-ifrme.g?blogID=8510041980458050293&postID=9188483468478883658' id='comment-editor-src'> BLOG_CMT_creteIfrme(' '); Very good review I loved the movie too nd cn wtch it ny number of times but even I didn't notice the metphors you lluded to I noticed lot of other stuff though in nrrtion nd design of How did you like e Dil Hi Mushkil? Perhps you will like my review of tht movie seeing s even tht didn't grner the right ttention udience or critics My review - /2016/10/29/e-dil-hi-mushkil-undoing-kuch-kuch-hot-hi/ In Indi bout 260 BC in the Empire of Mgdh the Prince sok (Shh Rukh Khn) survives to mny betryls of his brothers leded by the evil Susim (jit Kumr) who wnts to kill him to inherit the throne His mothers orders sok to leve Mgdh nd while trveling he meets Princess Kurwki (Krrien Kpoor) nd her brother Prince ryn (Soorj Blji) Kling who re undercover nd protected by Generl Bheem (Rhul Dev) sok nd Kurwki flls in love for ech other but the mother of sok clls him bck to Mgdh When he returns he does not find Kurwki who ws ttcked by tritors of Kling When sok’s mother is killed by mn of Susim sok becomes md kills ll his evil brothers but Sugtr who escpes to Kling sok decides to conquer Kling but in the end he concludes tht he hs not built n empire but conquered only corpses nd destroyed everything nd he decides to spred love nd the Buddhism Pnkj Schdev Reding the movies Shh Rukh Khn nd Shrd Kpoor re the leders of the two rivl gngs ishwry Ri is Shh Rukh Khn’s twin sister Shh Rukh is in love with Priy Gill Chndrchur Singh is Shrd Kpoor’s younger brother who studies in ctering college in Bomby He comes to Go to visit his brother nd plns to go bck nd strt resturnt there He sees ishwry nd flls in love with her Chndrchur gives up the ide of going bck to Bomby nd opens bkery in Go When Shh Rukh comes to know bout the romnce between ishwry nd Chndrchur the fight between the gng turns more violent How the conflict is resolved is the rest of the story Written by < href="/cdn-cgi/l/emil-protection" clss="__cf_emil__" dt-cfemil="84e3e5f2edec4f7f1eefd">[emil protected]< href="/cdn-cgi/l/emil-protection" clss="__cf_emil__" dt-cfemil="6f9c2c3c9c9496969fe6dfc7cec9c988c5c9cb">[emil protected] This is such beutiful review for one of the most beutiful movie mde. When becoming members of the site you could use the full rnge of functions nd enjoy the most exciting films. “hppily mrried” professor known for hving mny ffirs with students becomes the prime suspect when young womn is found murdered Hichki presents positive nd inspiring story bout womn who turns her biggest wekness into her biggest strength Drmtiztion of the complex nd dngerous life of Omr Sheikh convicted terrorist who mny believe hd finncil connections to 9/11 Sheikh is widely known s the mn responsible forthe 2002 kidnpping nd murder of Wll Street Journl reporter.

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Wow Tht ws detiled I loved the nlysis nd your blog too You hve got new follower :)- shish,My Umpteen Nit (Mdhuri Dixit) is model nd jy Shrm is photogrpher both work for the sme gency jy hs fllen in love with nit nd thinks tht she is lso in love with him But nit only tkes him for friend She gets engged to Vikrm (Jinendr) nd the is to tke plce soon jy still believes tht nit loves him nd he lso strts mking preprtion for his with nit nit must now tke pproprite steps to stop jy’s obsession with her before the mtter gets out.

Dev nd My re both mrried to different people Settled into life of domestic ritul nd convinced tht they re hppy in their respective reltionships they still yern for something deeper nd more meningful which is precisely wht they find in. I loved DHM Here is my review :) http://dichotomy-of- /2016/11/e-dil-hi-mushkilof-unrequited- Thnks for shring your review I relly. Mr Sekhri is the Indin mbssdor in Russi nd his Chief ssistnt is Mr Negi Sekhri is widowed with son nmed dity while Negi is mrried nd hs brought his wife njli nd two dughters Lucky nd Dhr with him to Russi One dy while going to school Lucky’s bicycle hs. Superb!! Loved Knk!!! there re lot mny more detiling in it!!mzing work Bck. Love tringle where everybody is blckmiling the other two gets nsty upset when one of them is suddenly found murdered