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Just picked mine up This is a very neat looking gun I TOO wish for the thirty round magazines to be made available to us My intention is to ” S.B.R ” this gun with a stock for it The price was very reasonable less than ‘ M.S.R.P.” David E – February. Unreal I bought a Scorpion EVO and love it Well designed and works flawlessly I am a lefty and it works for me great It is now my favorite weapon Thanks Greg – October 9 2017:Just picked one up for $840 that came with a Kik blade kit Threw on a Eotech and angled grip and was able to hold an accurate 3 inch group at 50 meters I love. Anthony – Decem:I love this pistol! My only wish is that there would be a night sight available for the front sights Ezequiel – December 5 2015:I love love this gun Only thing that would make this gun best ever if it came in a 40 & 45 and the safety selector were easier on the trigger finger.

Just purchased mine today to replace my AR AR is a great gun but too much gun for home defense with its muzzle blast and excessive penetration The scorpion in 9mm looks to be an excellent home defense platform From all the good reviews it appears a good choice Personal experience will tell Happy it came with several sling attachment options with my favorite the quick disconnect in the center of the back plate Plenty rail space for optic and light/laser as well SBR is a possibility MegaMouseGW –. I just picked mine up from my LGS I am very impressed with this pistol It is a legitimate successor to the MP5 and is probably the most perfect 9mm truck gun or SMG I have owned to date Very lightweight and pointable I found it a natural pistol to shoot well two handed without a stock One I added an angled fore grip and red dot it was even better It comes with lots of rail space is completely ambidextrous and is very easy to take down and clean.I was disappointed that it only came with 20 rounds mags when I know the 30 rounders are available overseas Also the double sided safety selector digs into my rather large hands but it is polymer so that will meet my Dremmel soon Other than those two very minor complaints he only thing it needs is a stock I will be filing my form 1 by the end of the week Hopefully can keep up with. I’ve had mine for about fun to shoot put close to 800 rds through d out the safety lever on right side and put on reflex sight Skytroop – Decem:Buy this now now now I bought the P07 and the P09 outstanding sidearms but this one is the best “Fun Gun” Awesome precision and quality You can’t. Bought one for my wife (yeah…sure I did 😉 as a Valentines’ gift She loves it! She is shooting it like a champ I took it out and I have to say…that thing is pure awesome! I was an old MP5 guy back in the day this is a huge improvement! put over 700 rounds through without a single failure…put 20 rounds into a 3 inch group at 15 shooting semi-rapid…Well built fun as hell to shoot and easy to clean Honestly for the price you have to put one in the collection!… Ryan – February. Vztah jednatele a společnosti lze označit za závazkový právní vztah který se řídí podle § 66 odst 2 ObchZ přiměřeně ustanoveními o dátní smlouvě není-li tento vztah vymezen smlouvou o výkonu funkce nebo ze zákona nevyplývá jiné určení práv a povinností Smlouva o výkonu funkce upravuje a zpřesňuje vzájemná práva a povinnosti mezi společností a jednatelem jež zároveň tvoří strany této smlouvy Je třeba zdůraznit že uzavřením smlouvy o výkonu funkce nedochází ke vzniku funkce jednatele neboť tato funkce vzniká na základě jiných skutečností. Mntsnow – Janu:Picked up the Evo 3 S1 on Friday from my favorite LGS and it’s a great firearm Mine came with a 1:1 digital copy of the 5 shot grouping at 25meters showing the impacts compared to aim point which makes dialing it so much quicker/easier I just filed a E-form 1 on it so I can eventually SBR it I have a request in with my LGS for a couple more for my wife and I dennis – January. Gary – Septem:Love my scorpion! Was never a 9mm fan but I’m a changed The low recoil allows for super accurate rapid fire I had issues with the right side safety as well I gently cut the tab with some cutting pliers and filed it smooth Problem solved- GW from Las Vegas mike voz – September. Enrique Perez – Aug:I’ve owned this pistol for about 5 months now Its a pleasure to shoot even more so with a silencer I use the Silencerco Octane 45 HD Silencerco sells the adapter for it However I’m still waiting for 30 round magazines to be available as well as the 922r kit to make this fun pistol in to an amazing Short barrel rifle Toss on a solid red dot and have fun all day with this if you can keep up. I “Absolutely Love” the EVO 3 S1 Scorpion It’s the Hottest New firearm to hit the public market today It shoots flawlessly My only complaint is the safety on the right side I have to order a safety delete because it digs into my big hand This upgrade should be offered with the firearm in the box with the spare magazine & cleaning tool Punchy Mike – J:All I know is that after reading about it for the past six months I finally got my hands on one Just hope it will bring back those MP5 memories. Rod Mills – April 4 2015:Just got my EVO today it shoots great fantastic feel and its way better than my h&k mp5… I very very pleased with this gun I’ve been waiting along time for this to release… thank you usa for bring this home Ed –. Steven Watts – Febru:Just got back from the range and all I can say is wow Extremely fun gun to shoot Only complaint is that the safety lever on the right side interferes with shooting the gun comfortably The pointy part of the lever digs into your hand while shooting and can be quit painful I hope comes up with a fix for this if not I am sure some after market lever will be developed. Unfortunately I have had mine for over a year and I haven’t had time to shoot it Its sitting on the top shelf of my gun safe just waiting on me to go to the gun range and try it out I go to the range a lot but I am a range master for our sheriffs training range so even though I am out there a lot I am working shooting other peoples guns that I don’t have time to shoot my own guns I am hoping to get out there during our Christmas break and it will be one of my first ones to shoot I bought it because I think its very cool looking and I was very surprised it has very plastic. Bill – :I have had this weapon for a few years and fired it a lot and has not jammed on me once Very reliable weapon I mounted a small green laser in front of the front sight Small enough to not block the sight The only issues I have with it is the selector lever digging into my finger when shooting I wished the dark earth color was available and it is too long to store it in the gun lockers at the prison I work This weapon is well built and very reliable. Deacon Navarro – Ap:Ma -Navarro This is my first sub-machine gun and I highly recommend it I bought it locally and put three-hundred rounds through it the first day shooting it without any problems It is well balanced minimal recoil and it’s a blast to shoot There are a-lot of great one of a kind features about this gun that make it unique John Doe –. Discontinued 2015 replaced with SKU y available for public consumption is the much anticipated Scorpion sub-gun Imported as a pistol it is a blowback-operated semi-auto in 9mm with a short 7¾” barrel Equipped with our newly designed low-profile sights its rear sight has four different aperture sizes for everything from close quarters to way out there The sights ride on an 11” Picatinny rail perfect for mounting optics Simple and reliable the Scorpion not only has ambidextrous controls its non-reciprocating charging handle is swappable and reach to the trigger is favorite accessory for the Scorpion pistol is our new arm brace adapter which quickly and easily adds an AR-style pistol buffer tube to the rear of the action enabling the use of an arm brace for added most impressive stat on the Scorpion Pistol is the price tag At just $849 it’s a whole lot of bang for. The ergonomics on the firearm is phenomenal I am a huge fan of 9mm in small platforms like this JRC and highpoints are fun but nothing compares to this small 9mm platform I am definitely a fan and believer now James – January. Dan – Novem:Just picked one up a few weeks ago and I’m glad I did My new home defense gun and more The Sig brace makes it even more enjoyable I want another one John W Bletsch – September. I finally got my evo 3 it a blast put 500 tounds in it first day out yes the safty sucked at first but this is cheap way to fix move you pointer finger up and use middle fingerto shoot very comfortable shoot just as fast and i think faster awsome gun going to go get another one for other hand John – Septem:Awsome gun Very stable and reliable plaform for home defese vehicle or any other place accuracy is important without rifle caliber Does fill that gap for home defensse without the overkill of rifle rounds and sound it. Sorry this product is unavailable Please choose a different combination. Got mine 10/2015 run around 1K rounds thru it so fair not a single hiccup Shoots the cheap FMJ stuff as well as good home defense hollow points just fine Got my 922r kit for future Form 1 have the brace adapter for current use a QD reflex dot sight Viridian laser/light combo and several 30 round mags I have to say this is one of the most fun to shoot guns I own as well as one heck of a home defense piece Compliments my similarly equipped KSG loaded up with 24+1 of the Aquilla shorty shells Buy a Scorpion – you’ll never regret it!!! TERRY G – December. Great pistol! Fairly solid and good bang for your buck The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the ambi-safety digs in to my knuckle a bit but other than that spot on! John Halley –. Peter M Donawick – May 3 2017:The Scorpion is my favorite range gun Compared with the HK SP5K which costs almost $2,500 it is a great deal Within the first two months after my purchase I added an arm brace adapter a replacement “duckbill” magazine release a replacement charging handle and an AK style right-side safety the last three parts added due to design issues noted in YouTube videos (KB Industries sells these parts.) Still debating whether to replace the trigger and trigger spring kit and whether to convert it to. I’ve shot this in Slovakia in both civilian and military versions EXTREMELY accurate even to 50 yards just with the base ‘iron sights’ Low kick Pleasure to shoot Can’t wait to buy 1 or 3 now that they are in the US!Leave a Testimonial Cancel replyYour email address will not be published Required fields are marked * I have mine and love it The right side selector lever hits the finger and will be modified but overall this is one very fun gun! Gave me a few 1.5″ groups at the range on the first try added a single point sling to it can’t wait to get it back out to see how much better it gets 🙂 Sniper – February. Vance Fowler – Febru:Got mine from the first batch in January Love it Have already put ’s KAK buffer tube adapter on it with the Thordsen cover and enhanced saddle Makes it a dream to shoot My 13 year-old grandson picked right up on it Not a single failure to fire or eject so far Slipped the straight Hogue Handall finger grip over it and that gave a non-slip padded surface to the thing and moved the hand slightly away from that pesky ambi safety switch for me One of the favorites in my collection now Thank you Great design and lots of fun Need 30 round. Great gun for everyone that complains about the selector digging in there hand they sell a new piece without the edge on that side in the shop only $ Seth C – Ap:This thing is AWESOME! Only complaint is the ambi safety problem which will be fixed with my dremmel Outstanding accuracy from this platform flawless function and portability is great Now if I could talk into coming up off about 10 of the 30 round magazines I’d. Steven Watts – Febru:Received mine today and added a micro red dot site Going to the range tomorrow to break it in Can’t wait for to release the stock so I can SBR this puppy Richard Lockwood – February. John Glendenning – June 4 2015:I just bought this new Scorpion EVO and I’m still in shock! it is the highest quality gun I’ve ever purchased I own Uzi’s Thompsons and AK-47’s as well as HK 93’s and 94’s but this Scorpion by far is light years ahead of them as far as being state of the art The next generation will have to be a Star Trek Phaser as nothing else comes this high tech and state of the art! I am super pleased. James – Aug:Picked up my new Scorpion and added a Vortex Venom Red Dot Fired 400 rounds without fail yesterday First 20 rounds dialed in the Venom at 50 yards then punched nice 2 inch holes in the center of targets Easily controlled my wife loved it and impressed those gathered around SBR will be the next step Che Cook – August. Bob – Septem:Got my evo quite some time ago was the first one my local shop got in Great price for such a quality piece Put 2000 rounds through it without a Single problem,fires cheap ammo as good as the good stuff Picked up the arm brace also filed the form 1 Anyone that wants an all around gun this is it Range toy home protection anything you want to do with it The safety issue is no problem and you can replace it yourself in less than 5 min 30 rounders are out and easy to get now also they just make you put more lead down range 🙂 Like to see an evo in 40 cal and 45 cal I could just imagine the sound of a 45 evo Just something to. David Nielson – Janu:Perfect range toy or something to teach the youngsters on However don’t discount this as as a decent home defense option which can be very ageable and accurate with nice reflex sight Mel Hall – October. Howard Anderson – November 5 2015:Just put 100 rounds through Good handling with just left hand shooting and right arm as rest Lost right arm use in VN Only thing I dislike is the safety In the (fire position) It digs in to my finger Lever turned up slightly on (fire) would help a lot But do like the safety being on both an that shoots very nice tight groups Shot at 25m 35m 50m Three shot groups were as good as Glock17 Very happy with Scorpon- other than safety. Picked up my Evo last week I purchased this with the sole intention of turning into an SBR Form 1 is already filled out and getting mailed tomorrow This is a perfect budget sub gun project As far as the gun itself it is very well-thought out shoots great and priced right I will say that the safety is absolutely awful and digs directly into your trigger finger Hopefully will have an upgrade very soon because it almost makes the gun painful to shoot if you are gripping the right way high into the beavertail Also the trigger is pretty heavy But otherwise this is a fantastic gun and will make a great subgun I think everyone is waiting for to start offering aftermarket stocks preferably the A1 side folder… Commentname * Email * Save my name email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Peter hernandez – J:Just got mine I’m reporting about the same as everybody as to the quality of the gun and the dumb design of the ambi safety Why why would design the safety this way it just doesn’t make sense That aside I like it and I’m going to SBR the thing ASAP as this gun was made to be a small carbine not a pistol Thanks for another. Dano S – April 9 2017:All great reviews as the Skorp deserves My 02: Served 2 tours in Bosnia The Serbs and Croats are highly skilled intelligent soldiers Their choice of smg is the Skorp That’s a heck of an endorsement Tj2000 – December.

The Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol is legally classified by the ATF as a pistol and is intended by -USA to be used as a pistol Under current federal law and ATF policy attaching a stock to this pistol – or attaching a device which is then used as a stock or intended to be used as a stock – constitutes the making of a short-barreled rifle which requires registration with ATF and the payment of the applicable tax Users of the Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol bear the sole responsibility for ensuring their use of the firearm complies with all local state and federal firearms laws.

Just got mine on 7/2/16 Love it but the scalpers are driving the prices up big time Have been to an indoor range where I tested its accuracy which is excellent Ordered several 30 round magazines for it and waiting on them to arrive Will be using it in my truck as a carjacker deterant VernW – December. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. I just got one for my seven year old son who has been shooting since he was 3 He was thrilled Already fitted it with a ticore flash suppressor MOE AFG ambi delete and a SIG brace I can’t wait for my SBR Now my boy isn’t as jealous of my Vector Punchy – August.